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Register and Get Approval as a Seller on RetailResale.IE - it only takes a matter of minutes!

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Use Your Frontend Account to Upload Your Products and Finalise Your Account Settings - it's FREE to list. No hidden charges!

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Once you've finalised everything, you can start selling straight away. You can do it but we're here to help. Give us a call!

Seller Control

RetailResale.IE is a marketplace for Irish retailers – this is an important point because it means that as a seller on this website, you maintain control of the sales process at all times. A retailer selling goods on our website maintains ownership and possession of the goods at all times. Any sale that takes place on RetailResale.IE is between the retailer and the buyer.

No Hidden Fees

It’s free to register as a seller on RetailResale.IE and it’s also free to list goods for sale on our website – there’s no hidden fees! RetailResale.IE will take a commission on each sale – but only when a sale actually takes place.

Stripe Connect

The site uses Stripe’s marketplace solution ‘Stripe Connect’ as a payments gateway, thus ensuring that the retailer’s money goes straight to him on the completion of a sale. The retailer will have to set up their own Stripe account and connect this account to RetailResale’s Stripe account. It’s not complicated and only takes a few minutes to do, but it means that we will never be holding your money. Once a sale takes place on our site, your money (less our commission) goes straight into your Stripe account. Click here for more information from Stripe Connect

How Much Will It Cost

RetailResale.IE charges 5% commission on each sale that takes place on our website. RetailResale.IE does not charge any other fee – no hidden charges to register or list products for sale. We will only charge commission once a sale has taken place. No Sale – No Fee!

(It is important to note that Stripe, as a online payment gateway, charges 1.4% + €0.25 per transaction.)

Note: All prices quoted are subject to 23% VAT.

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