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FAQ: Buyer

Q. Do I have to register as a customer in order to buy goods on RetailResale.IE ?

A. No. We don’t insist that you register as a customer. However, we would urge you to do so. Then we can keep you up to date on all the news regarding all the offers on our website.

Q. When I buy goods on RetailResale.IE, who exactly am I buying from ?

A. When you buy goods from a store on the RetailResale.IE website, you are buying directly from the owner of that store – an established Irish retailer who also trades on the high street.

Q. Where are the goods I purchase shipped from ?

A. They are shipped directly from the retailer you buy them from. The retailers selling on RetailResale.IE maintain ownership of their goods at all times, and ship your purchase directly from their high street store.

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