Buyer Beware

Buyer Beware
BUYER BEWARE: A recent article in The Irish Independent caught our attention here at RetailResale.IE Entitled "Why you shouldn’t trust those cheap dresses you see in Facebook ads"  - it about women sharing their horror stories of purchasing cheap dresses online. The article references a report from news and entertainment website Buzzfeed, which states that some of the companies they've looked at are all owned by the same Chinese company. It's a cautionary tale - sometimes a deal is just too good to be true. But we believe it actually highlights the safety of buying on a website like ours! When you buy something on our website you are purchasing something from an established independent Irish retailer - somebody who is known and trusted in their own locale, with a proven record on their high street to prove it!   Article Link:...

We’d Love to Hear From You.

Make Contact Come on, make contact with us! As we are a new enterprise, still in development stage, we want to know what you think. We’d love to hear from you about any thoughts you might have on what we are doing. Whether you’re a retailer or a consumer – or both! – we’d really love to hear from you. Any thoughts  or suggestions, we’ll take them on board and come back to you . We’ll always reply to anybody who takes the time to contact...

REI Preferred Supplier

REI PREFERRED SUPPLIER RetailResale.IE is delighted to be a Retail Excellence Ireland Preferred Supplier ( REI ) for the year ahead. Retail Excellence Ireland is owned by the members, for the members. It is designed to support it's members in key areas and involves over 1,600 member companies operating 13,000 stores and employing over 110,000 people. We look forward to working closely with the organisation and its retail members and hope that we can reflect the ethos of the organisation in our own dealings with their members. Click here to go to the Retail Excellence...

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online marketplace - let us know if you're interested RetailResale.IE is a new enterprise that is dedicated to bringing bargains to you. We do this by partnering with established independent Irish retailers who have special offer products for sale. If you're a buyer or seller, and are interested in talking to us about our business, please contact us for a chat. We'd love to talk to you!
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